Dominique Lyons, colleague during my time at Mind Cymru

“Max was a great asset to the team especially for the We Wear The Same Shirt football campaign. Time To Change Wales was working with the Football Association Wales (FAW) on a project to stamp out mental health stigma within the footballing communities, and it was a road that had not been explored before by FAW. Max helped us keep on top of the news agendas with his news summaries and sourced sector specific articles that were used in both negotiating with the FAW and for building trust with our new partners”

Karen Voisey, BBC Wales Producer on Week In, Week Out

“Max joined the BBC Wales current affairs team in September 2015 on a work placement. During his time with the Week In Week Out team, he helped research on two programmes and received a credit on both. The programme also made good use of his graphic design talent by getting him to help with various images for social media and for the various programmes.
He was an absolute joy to work with and the longer he was with us, we felt, the more his confidence grew and he really started to open up and shared so much with us. We certainly benefited hugely from his placement.”

Rhys Gregory, colleague during my placement Effective Communication

“Maxwell is a well organised, highly capable, ambitious and hardworking individual who is driven to succeed. Although Maxwell was only on an internship with Effective for a short amount of time, he quite quickly adjusted and became a valuable member of the team. Maxwell is talented in many areas of PR and comms, including blogging. Highly recommended”

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