Graphic Communication Work

On the anniversary of the Twin Tower Terrorist attacks in 2001 I believe it is equally important to learn its lessons as we remember the many victims.

Therefore I want to share a newspaper I created during my University course. The aim of this was to combat the distortion of Islam created since 9/11 by tabloids, politicians and religious extremists themselves.

By attaching Islam to their cause the 9/11 terrorists therefore branded their whole religion, as incidentally was their intention with terrorism. This has created a vacuum that excludes a deeper understanding and knowledge which can be exploited by prevalent figures on both sides.

Today muslims are assisting in the humanitarian efforts to help innocent victims in Syria in the name of Islam through such organisations as Islamic Relief. Incidentally this was one of the first organisations on the scene of the 2011 Haiti earthquake.

In this context terrorists, the media and politicians designate themselves as a sole symbol of a righteous collective and designate each other as the evil equivalent while the complex reality is that they are neither.

Both sides of this conflict hijack their audience towards this simplistic view causing further long term damage than the explosions and atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan, America and now Syria. They feed of opportunism that their scare mongering has created, continually dealing one another as hard a blow as each other at the expense of peace and society.