An Unforgettable Performance By Remembering August

This review is a first for several reasons, my first music review and a review of my first live performance I can recall which had a lasting emotional impact on me.

First of all, I should also thank Jessie for inviting me. In the past my social anxiety might have prevented me from coming but I both gained confidence from coming to see her play and I believe it reflected the progress I have made.

Jessie and Luke first met during their time at college studying music during their A-levels when asked to perform a duet together and they haven’t looked back since. They have since performed at a festival alongside Katy Perry.

Genuine, authentic, emotional, atmospheric, unique, memorable, personal, compelling and relatable are all words I would use to describe their performance and music. Simply, they are the type of songs that stick in your head, but in a good way. Their performance evokes a distinctive and entrancing mood, a powerful mix of folk and rock influences, combining talented vocal and lyrical skills with the effect of musicians such as Fleetwood Mac, Adele or Tom Petty. In the end, it was a fantastic night I will not forget in a long time, ending with an exceptional cover of Rhianon. Her warm and engaging personality is reflected in her music and its lyrics, which achieve both a reflective but uplifting quality.

What is immediately clear is that individually and as a duet both Jessie and Luke have more than enough talent, quality drive and passion to match that ambition. ­Their next performance in Cardiff will be on the 10th January during the Free For All Festival at the Moon Club so make you don’t miss it – a perfect accompaniment to your Christmas and New Year celebrations. I hadn’t seen many live performances before myself but after this experience it is something I know I need to do so much more.

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